Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Be Willing To Try New Things

As I start the new year - 2016 - I'm trying to be more successful at what I do. I'm trying to write better gags and sell more of them. To accomplish this, I'm keeping a regular schedule; focusing on the goals I've set for myself; getting rid of the projects I'm not good at and going into new areas of writing and speaking.

Over the years I've written for comedians, disc jockeys and public speakers before I even started submitting material to cartoonists. In some ways I was very successful writing one-liners for these people but for some I was very unsuccessful. I also used to sell a lot of ideas to companies that produce humorous buttons and magnets. I tried to do this again a year ago and could not sell one idea. But, I tried, and when you try something and fail it lets you know that this is not the right thing for you at this time. So, you focus on the thing that you do well. That comes easy to you. And, you get better at it.

Just because I'm a writer it doesn't mean I can write anything. Far from it. I can't write poetry. I have no interest in writing novels. Or cookbooks. Or technical manuals for computer companies. What I seem to do best at is write humor...making fun of situations, people and all the crazy things that we encounter on a daily basis. This is what comes easy to me. This is where I focus my attention.

I also think you have to be willing to try new things - go into areas you haven't gone into before. I've written gags for single-panel gag cartoons for almost 20 years. This year, I started writing for multiple panel cartoons - something I had never done. I figured out how to do it by studying multiple panels, getting books out of the library about cartoon writing and focusing on what I needed to know to do it. And, I have to say I've been successful at it.

So, it's important not to limit yourself. It's important to make note of all your writing and/or drawing skills and figure out where you can use them.  You might be pleasantly surprised at the things you can accomplish.

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