Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why I'm Qualified To Write Single-Panel Gag Cartoons

This entry will be like a job interview. The hirer asks me why I think I'm qualified for the position and I tell him or her.

But first, let me start by saying my career has always been very important to me. I worked for over 20 years in the newspaper business - something I cared and still care deeply about. For years I've asked myself, 'Is this what I should be doing?' as I sold print advertising full time and wrote cartoon gags on the side. I was always questioning - always wanting to do more - always wondering if I had found the thing I should be doing.

Almost two years ago I left my full time advertising job and began writing gags full time. Since then my writing has improved as I now devote so much more time to it. I'm very committed to my work and take this writing gig very seriously. I have to say that I believe I have found what I should be doing.

Here's 10 reasons why I believe I should be writing cartoon gags:

1. I must keep up with what's going on in the world - reading newspapers, listening to news radio, watching the news on TV - you get the picture. This is really important if you want to write topical material.

2. I like being able to make characters say things to each other that I wouldn't or couldn't say to someone in person.

3. I like making fun of arrogant bosses, snooty waiters, demanding diners, nasty know what I mean.

4. I read all the time - and not just newspapers. I also read non-fiction books, magazines, menus, shopping circulars, junk mail, etc. If I'm not reading several books at any given time  I get really nervous.

5. I have to say I'm interested in things - not every thing, but I enjoy going to museums, restaurants, shopping malls, flea markets, weddings and gala fundraisers. I love being with people (but not all people) and listening to what they say to each other.

6. I like to see my work in print (but online is okay, too).

7. I like to think that someone is getting a good laugh from reading my work.

8. I have pen and paper with me wherever I go - and I actually write down funny things that people say to each other.

9. If you saw my desk, you'd say, 'This is the desk of a writer!' There are piles of paper, index cards, calendars, to-do lists, pens, markers, notebooks, a computer, a typewriter, paper, paper and more paper, of course, in neat and not-so-neat piles...definite signs of a writer!

10. Things are getting better for me. I can honestly say I love what I do.

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