Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Working Harder in 2016

As I begin a new year of writing, I'm constantly fine-tuning what I do - what I spend my time on. And I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not writing enough. I've come to realize that I need to spend more time on the things that are easy for me and which are most productive. I know I have to spend much less time on the things that distract me, are unproductive and simply just a waste of time.

Right now I'm focusing on my work, with writing and more writing every day...and, guess what? It's working. I'm producing many more gags and, I think, of a higher quality, because I'm putting in the effort. Because selling gags often takes a lot of time, I may not see the rewards of my efforts for awhile, but I feel better about it because I feel more productive. I'll let you know how this extra effort goes. It can only be good.

I wanted to let my readers know of a special event in Manhattan next week. The Long Island chapter of the National Cartoonists Society is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year with an art show featuring present and past members January 5th through February 27th at the Society of Illustrators. An opening reception, featuring a buffet and music, plus the appearance of many of these artists, will be held at the Society, located at 128 E. 63rd Street (near the corner of Lexington Ave.) on Wednesday January 20th from 6-9pm. Some of the artists whose work is on display include: Sy Barry, Stan Goldberg, Ray Alma, John Reiner, Valerie Costantino, Joe Giella, Al Scaduto, Bill Seay, Mike Lynch, David Gantz, Bill Hoest and Roberta Fabiano. Cost is $25. You must RSVP to Adrian Sinnott at Prepayment is necessary and when you RSVP Adrian will tell you about the prepay options.

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Continued success to all my readers in 2016!

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