Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sad News from the Cartooning World

I just got the news that Jack Ziegler, a cartoonist whose work has appeared in The New Yorker since 1974, has died. You can read an interview Michael Maslin conducted with Jack Ziegler in October on Michael's website, and click on "Inkspill."

As for me, I'm always looking for new people to write for and ways to improve the writing I send out to my regular cartoonists. I guess you can say I'm focused. This entails studying the cartoonist's published cartoons to figure out what they really want. Sometimes I can figure it out. Sometimes I can't. In the end, I send out what I think is funny. I'm lucky that I can work at home and it's quiet here (usually) during the day which is good because I work best with no distractions. Then, after spending too much time by myself, I need to get out and see people, which is good because I get ideas based on real life, interacting with the outside world as well as with family. And, recognizing the humor that's right in front of me as I observe the interactions between family members gives me plenty of material.

Truth is the basis of the best humor.

Have a productive week.

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